For a long time I planned to write a book about the shop and 262,Upper Street and that is why I had photographs taken at Halloween in the late 1980’s.

One Halloween when we had just opened a delivery of Halloween masks and props a schoolboy said to his friend ‘this shop is well scary – I’m getting out of here quick.’

Some weeks later a group of schoolboys came in asking for all the things labelled ‘keep out of reach of children’ such as stink bombs, smoke bombs and fart gas. On telling them that we couldn’t sell them any of these items one of them on leaving turned around and called me ‘a real stingy geezer.’

I decided that if I ever got a book finished it would be called ‘A well scary shop run by a real stingy geezer.’ I was told that it was unlikely that I would find a publisher that would accept this title but then I recall being told in the early 1980’s that you couldn’t have a shop name which included the word Preposterous.

Then in 2003 I got a computer and it seemed that telling the story on a web site was a much better way of doing it and that it would reach a wider audience.


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