The growing unpopularity of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s resulted in an explosion of anti Thatcher merchandise and the Thatcher toilet roll was by far the most successful. I was told that a member of her Cabinet would use nothing else and bought large quantities from Knutz. There were also Neil Kinnock and Arthur Scargill toilet rolls but there wasn’t much demand for these and they were soon discontinued.

The Thatcher overhead mask is the only mask of a British politician that is still manufactured years after they have left office and at Halloween we market it as our most scary horror mask.

The best of the other items was the ‘Really Blue Video Nasty’ which when you opened the video case a latex caricature of Thatcher sprang out.

We stocked a number of anti Thatcher postcards and posters and Leeds Postcard’s ‘Prevent Street Crime’ which was a photomontage by Cath Tate and the Thatcher/Reagan anti nuclear poster ‘Gone with the wind’ are the most memorable.

To be continued.


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