In December 1999 we were sent details of a dream machine invented by Dr. Keith Hearne and asked if we could supply one and how much it would cost. The letter went on to ask if we could supply any of the following 24 items-

A Solar Powered Safari Hat with built in air conditioning, Dissolvo Paper, Multiplication Pen, 30 Power Pocket Telescope, 100-200-300 Power Microscope, Stringracer, A Real Gold Nugget, Solar Lighter, Fibre Optics Set, Pocket Electrostatic Generator, Walk-a-matic Pedometer, Spacephone, Galoshes, Stormproof  Map Treatment, Squeeze Driver, Iceberg Pitcher, Instant Slush Mug, Zube Tube, Moon Shoes, Fluorescent Paint, Black Light Bulb, Original Star Trek Enterprise Cut Away Poster, Jock Itch Powder and Shoe Mend.

Having not heard of any of these items at the time we were rather baffled but several years later when we got a computer we found that all of these 24 items do exist and are available on the internet. A Solar powered  Safari Hat  with built in air conditioning is available at , but be careful you don’t get ripped off buying a  Real Gold Nugget on e-bay.

The Dream Machine allows people to choose and control their dreams and enables sleepers to act out their fantasies in full colour and three dimensions. If this ever becomes available we know a lot of people who would rush out to buy one.

To be continued.


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