When I took out a lease on a shop at 262, Upper Street, Islington in August 1978 the shop had been vacant for several years and the only name that was visible was G & A .Stuart, with their name in plastic letters slotted into holes in a large piece of peg-board hanging in the shop window from chains fixed to the high ceiling. The name on the glass fascia of the shop had been painted over and on removing the paint the name of Schram & Scheddle was revealed. I decided to keep it on show and used it for a photocopy business that I established at the front of the shop, using the rest of the shop as an Architect’s studio. I decided to sell alternative modern postcards as part of the photocopying business which would be expanded to include humorous gifts if there seemed to be the demand. Such a shop would require a name that would allow it to develop along these lines.

I liked the fact that the first three letters of Schram were the same as the first three letters of Scheddle and began to think of having a name with two words where the first three letters of each word were the same, and I felt that the second word might well be presents.

The owner of a local shop had asked me to produce drawings for proposed building works at his shop and to get in tenders for the work. One day when I was opening the mail I noticed that the final tender had arrived and it was even higher than the previous ones. At that moment he walked into the shop and I handed the latest tender to him. He looked at it and said “it’s pre-pre-pre- preposterous”. At that moment I knew that I had found the word which started with the same three letters as Presents and that the shop name had to be Preposterous Presents.

                                                                                                                                   To be continued



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