In the 1980’s and 1990’s a vast amount of different inflatables were available and we had the best of them hanging from the ceiling of the shop and displayed in the shop window.

These included the Empire State Building, Jumbo Jet, large aeroplane, giant fried egg (the yoke was inflated separately), giant and small gorillas, giant gorilla lido, giant and small ‘Scream’, Mona Lisa, Egyptian obelisk, giant and small globe, large spotted trout, decoy duck, giant and small champagne bottles (including the millennium 2000 bottle), various aliens, arm chairs, seagulls, flamingos, various sharks, dolphins, kangaroos, zebras, seals, various dogs, cats, insects, snakes, giant and small bananas, crocodiles, elephants, rhino, flamingo, guitar, saxophone and numerous soap boats mainly with an animal theme.

We had the giant banana hanging in the window for many years and it was on taxi drivers ‘knowledge’ to locate the shop with the giant banana in the window. The longest serving British Political Party Leader of the 20th Century who started the ‘Teenage Party’ in 1963 once parked his hearse outside and came in to purchase a giant inflatable gorilla. He insisted on having the inflated display one from the window and drove off with it seated in the front passenger seat of his hearse.

A ban on inflatables at football matches resulted in a big drop in sales and our main supplier stopped importing them although some are still available.

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