Essential Fabric

Preposterous Presents was a well loved shop used by most of the local community including schools, universities, pub theatres and various well known entertainers and was a tourist attraction bringing people to Islington.

From the 1980’s the shop attracted a lot of media attention and was in the Time Out 100 best shops in London up to the time of closing down.

Our final Halloween was a great success and we would have liked to have done a final Christmas and New Year’s Eve but we had to vacate the building at the completion of the sale of 262,Upper Street on 11/11/11.

The Banking crisis of 2008 followed by the 2010 business rate revaluation changed everything for us and we were no longer able to borrow sufficient working capital to finance the January – September out of season period.

So it’s goodbye from Stan, Lynn and Andrew from the shop which survived for 33 years and was described in 2009 by the retiring head of Conservation in Islington as ‘Part of the Essential Fabric of Islington.’

Photo: Stan Westwood

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